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163256: A Memoir of Resistance

Paperback 2007. Signed Author Michael Englishman


25 Years with a Mad Man!

Paperback 2000. Signed Author Joan Emberg


A Dream of Islands

Paperback 1988 Signed Author Philip Teece


A Fly in a Pail of Milk: The Herb Carnegie Story

Paperback 2000. Herb Carnegie, Jean Beliveau (Foreword)


A Fly in a Pail of Milk: The Herb Carnegie Story

Paperback 2019 2019 Edition Herb Carnegie Bernice Carnegie


A Golden Return

Paperback 1997 1st Edition Signed Author Viola Marsh


A Guy Like Me: Fighting to Make the Cut

Hardcover 2016 Signed Author John Scott Brian Cazeneuve


A Wind on the Heath

Hardcover 2003 Signed Author


ab rex & carol - The Bailey Family Business Story

Paperback 2008 1st Edition Rex & Carol Bailey Hayley Linfield


After the Falls - Coming of Age in the Sixties

Paperback 2010. Signed Author Catherine Gildiner


Altimeter Rising-: My Fifty Years in the Cockpit

Paperback 2000 Alan MacNutt Monica Chavez Guzman Norman Avery


An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude

Hardcover 2003 1st Edition Signed Author Ann Vanderhoof


An Evacuee's Memoir

Hardcover 2008 Signed Author Yutaka Harold Yoneyama


Angola torchbearers Chikueka, Maria Chela

Paperback 1999. Maria Chela


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Cost

Paperback 2016 Illustrated Edition Signed Author A. Jean Barsness


Aria: Song of a Life

Paperback 2014 Signed Author Riki Turofsky


Before I Forget : An Autobiography

Hardcover 1991 Signed Author Reg Rackham


Between the Lines: Not-So-Tall Tales From Ray 'Scampy' Scapinello's Four Decades in the NHL

Hardcover 2006 1st Edition Signed Author Ray Scapinello Rob Simpson