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'Mr. Sanitation'

Hardcover 1992 1st Edition Samuel Tughan

10,000 Hours

Hardcover 1988. Harry Moss

125 portraits: Companions of the Order of Canada

Paperback 1992 Signed Author

A Book Of Kells: Growing Up In An Ego Void

Paperback 2002 Signed Author Margaret Kell Virany

A Death on the Barrens: A True Story

Paperback 1996 Signed Author George James Grinnell

A Doctor's Quest: The Struggle for Mother and Child Health Around the Globe

Paperback 2012. Signed Gretchen Roedde, Dr. John Evans

A Grandmother Remembers Grosse Ile

Paperback 1989 Jeanette Masson

A Hero Among Heroes: Jimmie Dyess and the 4th Marine Division

Paperback 1998 Signed Author Perry Smith

A Lancashire Squire: the Life of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby 1669-1737

Paperback 2002. Signed Co-publisher Margaret Blundell

A Life Composed: Reginald Shepherd & Helen Parsons Shepherd

Hardcover 2005 Illustrated Edition Signed Helen Parsons Shepherd Various

A Marked Heart

Paperback 2011. Signed Author David George Ball

A Scroll of Remembrance

Paperback 1995. Donia Blumenfeld Clenman

A Taste for Paprika

Paperback 2004 Signed Author Laura Elise Taylor

A.P.Coleman - Geologist 1852-1939: Science, Art and Discovery

Paperback 1994 Lila M. Laakso Raymond K. Laakso

Abraham Lincoln: The Boy, the Man

Paperback 1988 Lloyd Ostendorf

After the Smoke Cleared

Paperback 1994 Signed Author Jack Kuper

Alfred Fitzpatrick: Founder of Frontier College

Paperback 1995 1st Edition James H. Morrison

All We Did Was Fly to the Moon by the Astronauts, as told to Dick Lattimer

Paperback 1985. Signed Author Dick Lattimer

Always a Leader: The Lives of Major Danny McLeod

Paperback 2013 1st Edition Signed Author Ted Nurse

Amen: Memoirs by Bessa, Micki, and Boy

Hardcover 1996 Signed Author Elizabeth M. Fitzgerald Mariam B. Flitner Boynton Merrill Jr.