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50- och 60-talets Karlstad

Hardcover 1999. Lars Backstrom and Sten-Ove Carlvik


A Guide to Military Museums

Paperback 1988. Terence Wise


A History of Greater Birmingham, Down to 1830

Paperback 1997 Victor Skipp


A History of the Diocese of Hamilton

Hardcover 2007. Christian Riehl


A Hunger Most Cruel: The Human Face of the 1932-1933 Terror-Famine in Soviet Ukraine

Paperback 2002. Anatoliy, Dimarov, Yevhen Hutsalo, Olena Zvychayna


A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick

Hardcover 1992. Signed President of the Alumni Susan Montague


A Short History of Crofting in Skye

Pamphlet 1998 1st Edition Jonathan MacDonald


A Tucker Treasury - Reminiscences and Stories of Angola, 1883-1958

Paperback 1984 Signed Editor John T. Tucker


Albright and Wilson: the Last Fifty Years

Hardcover 2002. Signed Author Hugh Podger


Allied Infantry Weapons of World War Two

Hardcover 2000. Terry Gander


Ampleforth: The Story of St. Laurence's Abbey and College

Hardcover 2001 1st Edition Anselm Cramer


An Ashes Anthology: England V. Australia

Hardcover 1989 Peter Arnold Peter Wynne-Thomas


An Unnecessary Man: The Life of Appollon Grigor'ev

Hardcover 1995. Wayne Dowler