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A Different Light

Hardcover 2009 Signed Author Gabriel Perez


A Life Composed: Reginald Shepherd & Helen Parsons Shepherd

Hardcover 2005 Illustrated Edition Signed Helen Parsons Shepherd Various


A Symphony of Words and Images: Two Sisters, Worlds Apart, Creative Together

Hardcover 2007. Signed Photographer Theresa L. Kannenberg


A World Within: An Intimate Portrait of the Little Bow Hutterite Colony

Hardcover 2005 Illustrated Edition Signed Author George Webber


Acasa Amintiri

Hardcover 1991. Mihai Potirniche


Algonquin Seasons: A Natural History of Algonquin Park

Hardcover 1995. Signed Author Michael Runtz


Also in the Cast: The Memoirs of Tony Van Bridge

Paperback 1995. Signed Author Denis William Johnston


Amish Perspectives

Paperback 1998. Signed Photographer


Andy Fabo and Micah Lexier

Paperback 1993. Emmanuel Cooper


Artist at War

Paperback 1995 Charles Fraser Comfort


Back + Forth: A Novel in 90 Linocuts

Paperback 2009 Illustrated 1st Edition Signed Author Marta Chudolinska


Barwy Zycia (Colours of Life) - Polish edition

Hardcover 2003 Stefania Shaded


Beyond the Surface: Photographs by Irma Eibich

Hardcover 1988. Signed Author


Bodies In Motion - Some Romances of Restlessness

Paperback 1996. Nicole Bauberger


Bonfires and Beacons: Great Lakes Lighthouses

Hardcover 1996. Signed Author Larry Wright Patricia Wright


Burrow / Terror

Paperback 2007. Janice Kerbel; Adriana Kuiper; Liz Magor; Samuel Roy-Bois


Cecco Bonanotte 1974-1984

Paperback 1984. Tamon Miki, Gregor Lechner