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A Century of Laughter (Almost!)

Paperback 2004 Signed Author Hilda Glandfield


A Distance Covered

Paperback 2006. Signed Author Elizabeth Fitzgerald


A Flurry of Verses in Seven Flutters

Pamphlet 1978 1st Edition Signed Author Bert Case Diltz


A God Hangs Upside Down

Paperback 1994. Signed Joseph Maviglia


A Magical Clockwork The Art of Writing the Poem

Paperback 2000 1st Edition Susan Ioannou


A Poet's Story

Hardcover 2007. Signed Author Kerri Lyn Kumasaka


A Shape for Water

Paperback 2000 Linda Waybrant


Afflictions and Departures

Paperback 2011 1st Edition Signed Author Madeline Sonik


Amusings of Jeremy Fine

Paperback . Signed Author Barry Brent


Are The Daffodils Up

Paperback 2008 1st Edition Tom Heneghan



Paperback 1986. Robert Marteau


Ballyhoo 2001: Plays from London Ontario

Paperback 2003 Jayson MacDonald J. G. De Souza Niall Cooke et al


Blue Sand, Blue Moon

Paperback 1988. Mark Abley


Buckskin and Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson — Tekahionwake, 1861-1913

Paperback 1997 1st Illustrated Edition Signed by Jeannette Tyson

Sheila M.F. Johnston


Children of Ararat

Paperback 2010 Signed Author Keith Garebian


Clarity Between Clouds: Poems of Midlife

Paperback 2001. Signed Author Susan Ioannou


Clinic Day

Paperback 2004. Diana Fitzgerald Bryden


Cosy Up With Me: Poems by Edith Morrison Fryer

Hardcover 1965. Signed Author Edith Morrison Fryer