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Paperback 2002. Signed Mary-Lou Zeitoun


A Barnyard Affair ...and other stories

Paperback 2007. Signed Author K.W. Thornton


A Case of Tea - The Tea Caper

Paperback 2007 Signed Author Sylvia Douet


A Cold Season In Shanghai

Paperback 2009 Signed Author S.P. Hozy


A New Athens

Paperback 1977 Hugh Hood


A Sharp Tooth in the Fur

Paperback 2003 Signed Author Darryl Whetter


A Surgical Plight

Paperback 2012 Signed Author Paul E. Hardy, MD


A Very Political Lady

Hardcover 1979. Signed Author Judy La Marsh


Adventures in Ideas

Paperback 1985 1st Edition Signed Author Albert W. J. Harper


Aesop's Secret

Hardcover 2013 Signed Author Claudia White


Age of Arousal

Paperback 2007 1st Edition Signed Author Linda Griffiths


All in Good Time

Paperback 1980 1st Edition Signed Don Gutteridge


Amazon Connection

Paperback 2009. Signed Carol Henry


And the Fear Makes Us Special

Paperback 2000 Signed Author John Wing


And Then it Happened Book Seven

Paperback 2007 Signed Author M. Wade L. Wade


And Then it Happened Book Six

Paperback 2006 Signed Author M. Wade L. Wade


And Then It Happened, Book Five

Paperback 2009 1st Edition Signed Author M & L Wade


And Then it Happened, Book Four

Paperback 2006 1st Edition Signed Author M & L Wade



Hardcover 2007. Signed Author Arthur Phillips



Paperback 2009 Signed Author Alexandra Leggat