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A Hero Among Heroes: Jimmie Dyess and the 4th Marine Division

Paperback 1998 Signed Author Perry Smith


A History of Early Nova Scotia

Paperback 1990 2nd Edition John G. Leefe Peter L. McCreath


A History of Greater Birmingham, Down to 1830

Paperback 1997 Victor Skipp


A History of St. Timothy's Church Agincourt and the Parish of Scarborough

Hardcover 1986 1st Edition Signed Author Robert R. Bonis


A History of the Diocese of Hamilton

Hardcover 2007. Christian Riehl


A Hundred Years of Remorse When Treasure Hunting Becomes a Spiritual Odyssey

Paperback 2002 1st Edition Signed Author Marcel Robillard


A Hunger Most Cruel: The Human Face of the 1932-1933 Terror-Famine in Soviet Ukraine

Paperback 2002. Anatoliy, Dimarov, Yevhen Hutsalo, Olena Zvychayna


A Lancashire Squire: the Life of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby 1669-1737

Paperback 2002. Signed Co-publisher Margaret Blundell


A Life Composed: Reginald Shepherd & Helen Parsons Shepherd

Hardcover 2005 Illustrated Edition Signed Helen Parsons Shepherd Various


A Magical Clockwork The Art of Writing the Poem

Paperback 2000 1st Edition Susan Ioannou


A Marked Heart

Paperback 2011. Signed Author David George Ball


A Mill Should Be Build Thereon: An Early History of the Todmorden Mills

Paperback 1995 1st Edition Signed Author Eleanor Darke


A New Athens

Paperback 1977 Hugh Hood


A Parish and Its People

Paperback 2002 Signed Author Harry St Clair Hilchey


A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick

Hardcover 1992. Signed President of the Alumni Susan Montague


A Poet's Story

Hardcover 2007. Signed Author Kerri Lyn Kumasaka


A Scroll of Remembrance

Paperback 1995. Donia Blumenfeld Clenman