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All Aboard the Polar Bear Express: The Lure and Lore of the Land

Paperback 1996 1st Edition Frederick Close


All in Good Time

Paperback 1980 1st Edition Signed Don Gutteridge


All We Did Was Fly to the Moon by the Astronauts, as told to Dick Lattimer

Paperback 1985. Signed Author Dick Lattimer


Allied Infantry Weapons of World War Two

Hardcover 2000. Terry Gander


Also in the Cast: The Memoirs of Tony Van Bridge

Paperback 1995. Signed Author Denis William Johnston


Altimeter Rising-: My Fifty Years in the Cockpit

Paperback 2000 Alan MacNutt Monica Chavez Guzman Norman Avery


Always a Leader: The Lives of Major Danny McLeod

Paperback 2013 1st Edition Signed Author Ted Nurse


Amazon Connection

Paperback 2009. Signed Carol Henry


Amen: Memoirs by Bessa, Micki, and Boy

Hardcover 1996 Signed Author Elizabeth M. Fitzgerald Mariam B. Flitner Boynton Merrill Jr.


Amish Perspectives

Paperback 1998. Signed Photographer


Ampleforth: The Story of St. Laurence's Abbey and College

Hardcover 2001 1st Edition Anselm Cramer


Amusings of Jeremy Fine

Paperback . Signed Author Barry Brent


An Ashes Anthology: England V. Australia

Hardcover 1989 Peter Arnold Peter Wynne-Thomas


An Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario

Paperback 2001 Signed Author Christopher Ellis D. Brian Deller


An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude

Hardcover 2003 1st Edition Signed Author Ann Vanderhoof


An Evacuee's Memoir

Hardcover 2008 Signed Author Yutaka Harold Yoneyama


An Island Shore:The Life and Work of Robert Rendall

Hardcover 1991. Neil Dickson


An Unnecessary Man: The Life of Appollon Grigor'ev

Hardcover 1995. Wayne Dowler


And the Fear Makes Us Special

Paperback 2000 Signed Author John Wing


And Then I Wrote : Nine Years of London Free Press Columns

Paperback 2009 Signed Author David Brady