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Canadian Military History: Selected Readings

Paperback 1998 1st Edition Mark Milner


Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters

Paperback 1993 4th Edition Willis Metcalfe


Chartered Banking in Canada

Hardcover 1953. Signed Author A. B. Jamieson



Paperback 1999 Anselme Chaisson


Come Dance With Me: A Grandmother's Tale of Pioneer Days

Paperback 2005. Mary I. MacKay


Confederation Life Insurance Company 1871-1971

Paperback 1971 I. R. Scott


Cornerstones: An Artist's History of the City of Regina

Paperback 1996 William Argan Pam Cowan


Country Not Considered

Paperback 1993. Signed Author Tom Wayman


County of Brant Simply Grand 1852-2002 : A Celebration

Paperback 2002 1st Edition Angela Files Ruth Lefler


Creating Societies: Immigrant Lives in Canada

Hardcover 2000. Signed Author Dirk Hoerder


Creative Edge

Hardcover 1994 1st Edition Signed Author Randy Scotland


Cue the Elephant, Backstage Tales at the CBC

Hardcover 1996 1st Edition Signed Author Knowlton Nash


Dead But Not Forgotten: Monuments to Workers

Paperback 2001 Ed Thomas


DIEPPE: Canada's Forgotten Heroes

Paperback 1985 Signed Author John Mellor


Dieppe: Tragedy To Triumph

Paperback 1993 W. Denis Whitaker Shelagh Whitaker


Downtown Ontario: Unusual Main Streets to Explore

Paperback 2003. Ron Brown