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150 Years at St. John's, York Mills.

Hardcover 1966. Signed Author M. Audrey Graham


A Canaller's Soliloquy

Paperback 1965. Signed Anna G. Young


A Death on the Barrens: A True Story

Paperback 1996 Signed Author George James Grinnell


A Fly in a Pail of Milk: The Herb Carnegie Story

Paperback 2019 2019 Edition Herb Carnegie Bernice Carnegie


A Golden Return

Paperback 1997 1st Edition Signed Author Viola Marsh


A Haida Potlatch

Hardcover 1984. Ulli Steltzer


A History of Early Nova Scotia

Paperback 1990 2nd Edition John G. Leefe Peter L. McCreath


A History of St. Timothy's Church Agincourt and the Parish of Scarborough

Hardcover 1986 1st Edition Signed Author Robert R. Bonis


A Mill Should Be Build Thereon: An Early History of the Todmorden Mills

Paperback 1995 1st Edition Signed Author Eleanor Darke


A Parish and Its People

Paperback 2002 Signed Author Harry St Clair Hilchey


A Vast an Magnificent Land : An Illustrated History of Northern Ontario

Hardcover 1984. Signed Other Matt Bray Ernie Epp


Ajax: Arsenal of Democracy. A Story of Defence Industries Ltd. The Inside Camp-X Series.

Paperback 2005 Signed Authors Lynn Philip Hodgson Alan Paul Longfield


Ajax: Arsenal of Democracy: A Story of Defence Industries Ltd., and, Inside Camp-X

Paperback 2005 Signed Authors Lynn Philip Hodgson Alan Paul Longfield


All Aboard the Polar Bear Express: The Lure and Lore of the Land

Paperback 1996 1st Edition Frederick Close


An Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario

Paperback 2001 Signed Author Christopher Ellis D. Brian Deller


Anecdotes of Olde Orillia: A Collection of the Works of Allan Ironside

Paperback 1984 1st Edition Allan Ironside