A Canaller's Soliloquy

Paperback 1965. Signed Anna G. Young


An Orangeman in Public Life: The Memoirs of Leslie Howard Saunders

Paperback 1980. Signed Leslie Howard Saunders


Death of a Dream

Paperback 2003. Signed J.L. Burbidge


Fading History Volume 1: Stories of Historical Interest

Paperback 2008. Signed Dave Cook


Ghosts of the Tower of London

Paperback 1984. Signed Geoffrey Abbott, Shelagh Abbott (Contributor)


Gli Artigiani Ciociari: Documenti, Testimonianze, Proposte

Paperback 1988. Gruppo di Lavoro Il Ponte (editor)


IDEOLOGÍA Y SOCIEDAD El Salvador 1975-1983

Paperback 1990. Francisco Rico Martínez


Il Caffe Florian

Hardcover 1984. Danilo Reato


Luciano: A Dog's Story

Paperback 2010. Signed Ellie Marcolini


Lymm And District: An Illustrated Guide

Leather Bound 1913. C.E. Ardern


My Web Of Time

Paperback 2005. Elizabeth Craw Uren


Reflections on a Life in Science

Hardcover 2003. Signed Lou Siminovitch



Paperback 1958. Jack Winter


Se Oye un Rumor

Paperback 2002. Signed Julio Fernandez Pedro


Seasons of Beauty

Hardcover 2002. Signed Jean Vining Shapter


Taylor's Tales Volume III: Australian Short Stories

Paperback 2006. Signed Donald Joseph Taylor


The Cellist

Paperback 1990. Signed Paul Darby


The Long and Happy Life of Arnold G. Morus by Himself

Paperback 1995. Arnold G. Morus


The Winds of Wendigo: Reflections on a Northern Ontario Heritage

Paperback 2008. Signed Ralph Gibbins



Paperback 2004. Signed Matthew Hansen


Uzuakoli Miracle; A True Story Of Bush Babies In Nigeria

Paperback 1991. Signed Alan Cox