Paperback 2002. Signed Mary-Lou Zeitoun


Amazon Connection

Paperback 2009. Signed Carol Henry


Death of a Dream

Paperback 2003. Signed J.L. Burbidge


Driving off the Map

Paperback 1997. Signed Sharon MacFarlane


Echoes in the Wind From Cynwyd Castle-Book Two

Paperback 2001. Signed Richard Thorman


Fifteen Love: A Selection of Short and Tall Stories

Paperback 2010. Signed Tom Tyler


Frog Moon

Paperback 1993. Signed Lola Lemire Tostevin


Killing Time

Paperback 2001. Signed David Wickes


King Jerry

Paperback 2001. Signed David Arnason


La Nuit la plus courte

Paperback 1999. Maury Léon


Luciano: A Dog's Story

Paperback 2010. Signed Ellie Marcolini


No Choice But Freedom: A Novel of Treachery and Triumph in Colonial America

Paperback 2006. Signed Mestern, Pat Mattaini


Papillon à bicyclette (Le)

Paperback 2003. Signed Pierre Léon


Poet for Sale

Paperback 1997. Signed Lewis Vella



Paperback 2005. Signed Alfonso Mangione


Roy MacGregor's Valley Christmas

Paperback 1995. Roy MacGregor


Seeker of Stars

Paperback 2005. Signed Susan Fish


The Bargain

Paperback 1997. Signed Mary Pat Cude


The Circus Performers' Bar

Paperback 1984. Signed David Arnason


The Dying Poem

Paperback 2002. Rob Budde


The Falls II: In the Crossfire of Mist and Madness

Paperback 2004. Robyrt Snyder



Paperback 2004. Signed Matthew Hansen


Titanic: Relative Fate

Paperback 2008. Signed V. C. King


Trumpets Sound No More: An Inspector Endersby Mystery

Paperback 2007. Signed Jon Redfern


Under the Apple Boughs : The Saskatchewan Suite/The Home Place

Paperback 2000. Signed Donna McCaw


Undertow: An inspector stride mystery

Paperback 2012. Signed Thomas Rendell Curran


Zombie Bues

Paperback 1996. Signed Stanley Péan