A Fly in a Pail of Milk: The Herb Carnegie Story

Paperback 2000. Herb Carnegie, Jean Beliveau (Foreword)


An Orangeman in Public Life: The Memoirs of Leslie Howard Saunders

Paperback 1980. Signed Leslie Howard Saunders


Chances and Choices: A Memoir

Hardcover 2000. Signed John B. Macdonald


Daddy's Girl: a memoir

Paperback 2002. Signed Daddy's Girl Allen, Charlotte Vale


Detour On The Path

Paperback 2008. Signed Brad Jones


Finding me in France

Paperback 2012. Bobbi French


I Play to Win

Hardcover 1969. Stan Mikita


Making Airwaves: 60 Years at Milo's Microphone

Hardcover 2006. Signed Milo Hamilton, Dan Schlossberg, Bob Ibach


My Life at the Bar and Beyond

Hardcover 2005. Signed Alex K. Paterson



Hardcover 2004. Signed Nell McCafferty


Nobody calls me Mr. Kirck

Hardcover 1985. Signed Harvey Kirck, Wade Rowland


Reflections on a Life in Science

Hardcover 2003. Signed Lou Siminovitch


Seasons of Beauty

Hardcover 2002. Signed Jean Vining Shapter


Sowerby's Road: Adventures of a Driven Mind

Paperback 2004. Signed Garry Sowerby


Tales from the Twenties

Paperback 1992. Bessie E. Brekke, Jacqueline McG. Kennett (Illustrator)


Taylor's Tales Volume III: Australian Short Stories

Paperback 2006. Signed Donald Joseph Taylor


The Long and Happy Life of Arnold G. Morus by Himself

Paperback 1995. Arnold G. Morus


The Winds of Wendigo: Reflections on a Northern Ontario Heritage

Paperback 2008. Signed Ralph Gibbins


Two Wheels Two Countries One Dream

Paperback 2002. Signed Daniel Edward Murphy


When the Boys Came Marching Home

Hardcover 1991. Signed Ben Wicks


Zion: Champion for God

Paperback 2004. Signed Matthews, Joy J and Heavirland, Helen