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Asanace - Hra o peti jednßnfch

Paperback 1990. Signed Author Vaclav Havel


The Pilot Method: The 5 Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life!

Paperback 2014. Signed Author Elizabeth McCormick


Heart & Hustle - An Unlikely Journey from Little Leaguer to Big Leaguer

Hardcover 2012. Signed Author Frank Catalanotto Diane Montiel Steve Alexander


Memories for Sale: Tales from a Small Town

Paperback 2017. Signed Author John F. Gardiner


The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary

Hardcover 2003. Signed Author Simon Winchester


The Dispatch Rider

SpiralBound 2001. Signed Author Harry Watts


Word of Honour: Camp 30: Bowmanville - The Inside Camp X Series

Paperback 2003. Signed Both Authors Lynn Philip Hodgson Alan Paul Longfield


Not As the Crow Flies - A lifetime of adventure in exotic and untamed lands

Hardcover 1975. Signed Author Terry Shortt


Rural roots: Pre-Confederation buildings of the York region of Ontario

Hardcover 1976. Signed Authors (2) Mary Byers Margaret McBurney Jan Kennedy


Oakville Street Names and Landmarks

Hardcover 2007. Signed Author Joyce Burnell David Ashe


Images Of Kingston

Hardcover 1990. Signed Author Jack Chiang


Human Rights in Ontario

Hardcover 1983. Signed Judith Keene


Ghosts of the Tower of London

Paperback 1984. Signed Geoffrey Abbott, Shelagh Abbott (Contributor)



Paperback 1999. Signed Judith Miller, Nicholas Rees (Illustrator)


First Across the Continent: Sir Alexander Mackenzie

Hardcover 1997. Signed Barry Gough


Trumpets Sound No More: An Inspector Endersby Mystery

Paperback 2007. Signed Jon Redfern


Making Airwaves: 60 Years at Milo's Microphone

Hardcover 2006. Signed Milo Hamilton, Dan Schlossberg, Bob Ibach



Paperback 2004. Signed Matthew Hansen


Undertow: An inspector stride mystery

Paperback 2012. Signed Thomas Rendell Curran


Fifteen Love: A Selection of Short and Tall Stories

Paperback 2010. Signed Tom Tyler


A Doctor's Quest: The Struggle for Mother and Child Health Around the Globe

Paperback 2012. Signed Gretchen Roedde, Dr. John Evans


Sowerby's Road: Adventures of a Driven Mind

Paperback 2004. Signed Garry Sowerby


June Callwood: A Life of Action

Paperback 2006. Signed Anne Dublin


Chances and Choices: A Memoir

Hardcover 2000. Signed John B. Macdonald


Driving off the Map

Paperback 1997. Signed Sharon MacFarlane


King Jerry

Paperback 2001. Signed David Arnason


The Circus Performers' Bar

Paperback 1984. Signed David Arnason


Oval Victory

Paperback 2002. Signed Linda Rogers (editor)


Our Grandmothers, Ourselves: Reflections of Canadian Women

Paperback 1999. Signed Gina Valle (editor)


Taylor's Tales Volume III: Australian Short Stories

Paperback 2006. Signed Donald Joseph Taylor


George Davidson: Social Policy and Public Policy Exemplar

Hardcover 2003. Signed Richard B. Splane


Nobody calls me Mr. Kirck

Hardcover 1985. Signed Harvey Kirck, Wade Rowland


New Moon, Old Mattress

Paperback 1990. Signed Patricia Keeney


The Winds of Wendigo: Reflections on a Northern Ontario Heritage

Paperback 2008. Signed Ralph Gibbins


Fading History Volume 1: Stories of Historical Interest

Paperback 2008. Signed Dave Cook


Life & Death On Loxahatchee: The Story of Trapper Nelson

Paperback 2002. Signed James D. Snyder


The Bargain

Paperback 1997. Signed Mary Pat Cude


Outcasts: A Love Story

Paperback 2009. Signed Susan M. Papp


Papillon à bicyclette (Le)

Paperback 2003. Signed Pierre Léon


The Hummingbird: An Epic

Hardcover 2005. Signed Mohan Balgobind


Amazon Connection

Paperback 2009. Signed Carol Henry


No Choice But Freedom: A Novel of Treachery and Triumph in Colonial America

Paperback 2006. Signed Mestern, Pat Mattaini


Luciano: A Dog's Story

Paperback 2010. Signed Ellie Marcolini


North Country Life in the Eighteenth Century

Hardcover 1965. Signed Edward W. Hughes


Periscope Red

Hardcover 1980. Signed Richard Rohmer


Diary of a Sit-In

Paperback 1990. Signed Merrill Proudfoot


Stories I Wrote

Paperback 2003. Signed Alvin Abram


Se Oye un Rumor

Paperback 2002. Signed Julio Fernandez Pedro


Pretending to Die

Paperback 2001. Signed Priscila Uppal


Successful Tragedies: Poems

Paperback 2010. Signed Priscila Uppal


My Life at the Bar and Beyond

Hardcover 2005. Signed Alex K. Paterson


Life's Lessons : A Successful Collection of Failures

Paperback 2008. Signed Ted Fearnley, Rick Fearnley


Reflections on a Life in Science

Hardcover 2003. Signed Lou Siminovitch


Daddy's Girl: a memoir

Paperback 2002. Signed Daddy's Girl Allen, Charlotte Vale


Rae Days: The Rise And Follies Of The NDP

Hardcover 2002. Signed Thomas Walkom


Zion: Champion for God

Paperback 2004. Signed Matthews, Joy J and Heavirland, Helen


Covenant House

Hardcover 1987. Signed Covenant House Ritter, Bruce


Under the Apple Boughs : The Saskatchewan Suite/The Home Place

Paperback 2000. Signed Donna McCaw



Paperback 2002. Signed Mary-Lou Zeitoun


Zombie Bues

Paperback 1996. Signed Stanley Péan


Uzuakoli Miracle; A True Story Of Bush Babies In Nigeria

Paperback 1991. Signed Alan Cox


A God Hangs Upside Down

Paperback 1994. Signed Joseph Maviglia


Wilderness Manitoba: Land Where the Spirit Lives Wilson

Hardcover 1999. Signed Hap Wilson, Stephanie Aykroyd



Paperback 2005. Signed Alfonso Mangione


Death of a Dream

Paperback 2003. Signed J.L. Burbidge


Spin. Introduction by George Elliott Clarke

Paperback 2004. Signed Rudyard Fearon



Hardcover 2004. Signed Nell McCafferty


When the Boys Came Marching Home

Hardcover 1991. Signed Ben Wicks


Seeker of Stars

Paperback 2005. Signed Susan Fish


Swimming to the Surface a Collection of Poems

Paperback 2009. Signed Saskia Maddock


The Cellist

Paperback 1990. Signed Paul Darby


Poet for Sale

Paperback 1997. Signed Lewis Vella


Canadian Animation: Looking for a Place to Happen

Paperback 2008. Signed Chris Robinson


Frog Moon

Paperback 1993. Signed Lola Lemire Tostevin


Killing Time

Paperback 2001. Signed David Wickes


Seasons of Beauty

Hardcover 2002. Signed Jean Vining Shapter


Marynia Dont Cry

Paperback 1995. Signed A.M. Kojder, B. Glogowska


Titanic: Relative Fate

Paperback 2008. Signed V. C. King


A Canaller's Soliloquy

Paperback 1965. Signed Anna G. Young


Alaska's Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glaciers

Hardcover 2005. Signed Nick Jans


Two Wheels Two Countries One Dream

Paperback 2002. Signed Daniel Edward Murphy


Echoes in the Wind From Cynwyd Castle-Book Two

Paperback 2001. Signed Richard Thorman


Arrest and Bail in Canada

Hardcover 1976. Signed Clay M. Powell